Our Personal Trainers


Sam Roberts - In her words

I am full of drive, enthusiasm and motivation and ready to help you all achieve your fitness goals.

I have had an interest in health and fitness since the age of 18 and I have always participated in some form of fitness. To begin with, this was in the form of group fitness.

Around 5 years ago as my children started to develop into mini adults and I decided I wanted to make positive changes to my appearance and take my fitness to another level. I recruited the help of a personal trainer and the results were phenomenal. The changes made me feel so positive about myself and fitness that I decided I wanted to compete as an amateur bikini athlete.

Last year I made the dream a reality and competed not once but twice! Most recently I took part in a fitness photo shoot that I loved.

After my second competition I decided that I wanted to take my drive and enthusiasm for fitness to another level and turn my passion into a career. Around 11 months later, that's exactly what I did.

I currently have a wide spectrum of clients, their goals varying from weight loss to muscle hypertrophy. My clients have already begun achieving their goals and between them so far in one month they have lost 10kg.

Your goals are my primary focus and we will work together to get the results that you want.

I feel so lucky to finally be doing my dream job! Do a job you love and never work a day in your life..

Looking forward to hearing from you all


Brett Cooke - In his words

My names Brett Cooke and I’m a personal trainer at Gainz. I’ve always had a passion for fitness, over the years of training myself and gaining knowledge to help others improve their way of life and helping them get the best out of their training. I work closely with my clients to ensure they get the results they want on top of helping them gain confidence in themselves, be happier and healthier.